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Rev. 19:10 “…the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy”

Here at KICC, we have a culture of testimonies – we love hearing them!

Testimonies are prophetic announcements of the good news of the Kingdom of God. When heard, they transfer an anointing to see the same results in our lives. When we hear or read testimonies, we get a foretaste of what is possible, and of what Grace has provided for us. This same Grace is available to you today. We encourage you to receive what has already been given!

God is not impartial and is no respecter of persons; if He did it for one, He will most definitely do it for you! Heb 13:8 / Acts 10:34

Kingdom Moments… Paula’s Testimony

This is Paula’s story – she had been in church and serving God for years,

Kingdom Moments… Hazel’s Testimony

God is in the restoration business! He wants to restore everything that was supposed to

Kingdom Moments… Gabriel’s Testimony

As beautiful, as bright, as lovely, and as perceiving our eyes are, there remains one

Back Pain Disappears

The mother in law of one of our revivalists was experiencing low back pain for

No Need For A Dentist

One of our members were experiencing much pain with some of his teeth for a

Healing In The Mall

One of our revivalists went to the mall, and saw a young girl leaning against

Colds Disappear During Service!

Recently two of our members (in two different services) came to church with a cold.

Another Fibroid Disappears!! Doctor Was Left Shocked!!

An expecting mother (@ 7 months) had to go on sick leave from work as

Neck Pain Disappears In Service… Without Anyone Praying!!

This past Sunday the presence of God completely filled the house. One of our members

Man Gets Wrecked In Shoppers Drug Mart!!!

One of our revivalists was recently at Shoppers Drug Mart waiting for a friend. As

Costco… Miracle In Aisle 5!!!

One of our revivalists was sick with a cold, and had attended Costco to pick

Migraine And Back Pains….Disappear!!

Some family members were recently visiting one of our revivalists. Her uncle woke up one

Fibroid And Egg Allergy… Disappear!!!

One of our members had a fantastic encounter with God a few weeks ago (during

Got Healed!!!

I had been experiencing pain in the toes in my right foot from uric acid

Angels Were Seen…

There was such an overflow of glory in the house on Friday night… Angels were