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Pastor Asif Hassan

Lead Pastor

What's your heart for the ministry?

The ministry of KICC is not my ministry – it’s our ministry! Here at KICC, we are the sum total of a variety of gifts, talents and callings. Today’s ministry requires more than one mind and one person to effectively reach our generation. I’m not the only one the Lord is depending on in this thing, but I do know my part. As Lead Pastor, I get to transfer knowledge and prepare the next generation of revivalists. I love doing this!

What are 3 important priorities in your life other than your family?

In degrees of importance, I think my number one priority is to spend time with God. The branch cannot bear fruit of itself! Everything for me comes from my personal relationship and devotional time. Secondly, I make a big deal about cultivating an atmosphere in my life, and ministry for the supernatural to flow with ease. That means developing sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a big deal around here! Thirdly, the demonstration of what I believe. I come from a lifestyle where the focus was on demonstration. There is somebody out there waiting for a miracle, a breakthrough or an encounter with the Lord. It’s up to us to give them that encounter. Everywhere Jesus went, He met the needs of people by releasing the Kingdom of God. He demonstrated the Fathers love by healing, delivering, blessing, and providing for the people. We soooo got to do this!

How did you get saved?

At 17, my life was dramatically transformed after the hand of Jesus physically touched me. Up until this point, I had been in and out of jail for most of my young life, and was actually on the run from the law (again) when I had this encounter. I was part of a street gang in Toronto, and had lived a crazy lifestyle. I could hardly read and write due to a lack of education. I had destroyed any hope of a good life for myself, and had crushed all the dreams of my family. I was also a Muslim, and never saw a need for Jesus. But at a time of my greatest need, Jesus appeared to me and changed my life in an instant! One touch was all it took. I still well up with tears as I remember that awesome encounter….I was not expecting that to happen to me.

With this type of transformation, you must have a take on Grace?

The grace that found me was unconditional – it had to be. I didn’t deserve it, and I was too wicked to earn it. I know now, I certainly can’t out spend it – otherwise, it wouldn’t be grace. There are no limits to grace. It can reach the highest mountain, and certainly find someone like me in the lowest valley. Romans 5:20 says His grace “abounds much more”. There is a lot of Grace for everyone, to fix any kind of mess we find ourselves in. People call me a grace preacher, and they are right…I have been saved by grace! I needed grace, not condemnation. I needed a lot of grace…LOL. Why wouldn’t I preach such amazing grace – look at what it has done for me!

Tell us about your family

When my wife first saw me, she fell in love with me…LOL. No! Seriously, my past was crazy. I could have done nothing to improve on my qualifications for her love. I love her and she loves me, and we love our children. We have two boys, plus one from my previous life, and we love them so much! Christine and I have been married since 2001, and it has been the most amazing journey with the most incredible people.